Strong Women

Hello! faithful reader (maybe). I know I’ve been away a long time. Self-doubt, holiday’s and a child diagnosed with epilepsy can do that I think. This is something I wrote awhile back, and sat on because, I didn’t know if I should even post it. But here it goes. For a new year and a new beginning and all that…..

I hear a lot of talk about strong women. I like that. My heros growing up where two women by the names of Corrie TenBoom and Amy Carmichael. TenBoom saved Jews from the Nazis in holland, and ended up in a concentration camp with her sister who eventually died. Corrie was freed later met one of her captors and forgave him. Amy moved to India and began rescuing girls (and some boys) from the lower casts from temple prostitution. She started a school for them. Both of these women where strong,  both independent, both incredibly determined to face the challenges that accosted them head on. But in reading their biographies they also had their seasons of doubt, and fear. I think that’s why I wrote Micha and Olive the way I did. I wanted strong women who also weren’t afraid to admit to their shortcomings, or ask for help.

I remember worrying as a child that I might not ever marry because my two heroes were both women who never married. Not because I feel women have to marry, but because I wanted to. I loved the idea of having a friend who experienced the same things I did, and who would protect me from snakes (spiders, mice, flat tire, no problem. Snakes are a noooo go!) I can’t tell you what a relief it was to meet my husband and know that I found that friend.

My parents raised a strong and strong-willed daughter. I hate being wrong. I hate making mistakes and I hate saying I’m sorry (even though I have hada lot of practice.) My husband has had to put up with a lot. But he has born it patiently, usually quietly, he very rarely opposes me in anything I want, and often times jumps to get it. He is quiet and doesn’t like to talk about his feelings, but will not back down when he believes something is right (like Demetrius). He loves the outdoors and animals and would be happy to leave civilization behind and live in the woods like Abbott.

“Wait!” You’re probably thinking. “You trapped me into reading this article entitled Strong Women and you’re just rambling about your childhood heros, your husband and the male leads in your book.”

You’re right. I am, but in the years that I’ve been married and have been writing, I’ve been thinking. In order to be a strong woman, I need a strong man, to fill in my weaknesses, not because I couldn’t do it alone, but because I didn’t want to. Strong, patient, caring men make strong women. And strong, loving, never wrong (ok, ok, sometimes wrong) women make strong men. It’s not an us-or-them thing, and it never should be.


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