Forging Ahead

cropped-bookmarks.jpgI love writing. Thinking through plot lines (especially when it involves timelines and math), developing characters, building relationships, plot twists. I enjoyed publishing. It was exciting. But I HATE MARKETING!

Everytime I go to try and sell my book I feel desperate: “Hello, I’m Rebekah. Would you please buy my book.”

Enevitably I get asked if my book  is any good, which at this point the best reply I have come up with is: “Well, I really like it and I loved writing it.”


Marketing has put me in a slump. But I’ve gone back to my first love; writing. And it’s great. It has actually helped to reignite my drive for the necessary evil of marketing. There is something about the creative process that seeps out of just writing and into your entire book world.

So if any writers happen to stumble upon this, and you’re stuck with how to get your work out there to the point that you stop writing for months 😬, start writing again. It will remind you why you started marketing in the first place.

****Marketing : ********

now back to fun writing 🙂

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