Dog hair on my shirt

It’s been quite a while since I’ve written anything. Sorry if I’ve disappointment my reader (hi mom!). Life has been a little hectic, and my writing hasn’t been as much of a priority as it should be. By hectic I  mean that I’ve been spending my precious down time scrolling through Pinterest or Facebook and binge watching the BBC after my kids go to bed, instead of thinking about plots lines and characters. This is going to be changing in the next week or so (mostly because I’ve watched most of the good miniseries 😬) although I have read some good books (Agatha Christie) so the last few weeks haven’t been a complete loss.

I guess there has also been that bout of strep throat, Easter activities (in addition to regular activities), family visits, a kitchen upgrade project, and going to see the new Beauty and the Beast. It’s been full, but good.

Ok, ok, I can’t blame not writing on those things, they have taken up some time but in all honesty, it’s spring in Texas and that means one thing (besides allergies). My dogs are shedding. Particularly one dog named Sadie. She has the least amount of fur of the three of them, but she snows hair this time of year. I think she left a print of herself on my sofa (she is upset with me for banishing her from the furniture).  I have to vacuum and sweep multiple times a day. I just can’t keep up. So that’s where my writing time has gone. I guess it’s time to call the groomer. I couldn’t leave the house today because I couldn’t find my lint roller and I was covered in hair (that’s not really true, soccer practice was cancelled, so I didn’t have to go anywhere. Happy mom day!) I probably shouldn’t wear black this time of year, but it’s so artistic and makes me look like a serious writer (If anyone happens to read this besides my mom, I’m being sarcastic, because that’s what I do.) but I do have dog hair all over my shirt. IMG_6155

Update: she is such a sneak!



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