One of “those” days

It has been one of those days when nothing goes particularly wrong, but it’s really annoying nonetheless. There were some awesome moments, like when my best friend from college texted me to tell me she was in town and it ended up in an impromptu visit and catching up on her lastest adventures in medical residency, which I love!  Then there were the moments where I messed up the fancy macaroons I was trying to make, or the adventure where my 4 year old swallowed a penny. It’s been one of those days where I wondered several times why the heck I started writing, and published my writing and continue to write “because it’s not going anywhere anyway.” I wanted to indulge in some shopping therapy to appease my pity-party but I was grown up enough today to realize that wouldn’t make me feel any better. I thought about a frapacchino but then my mom’s voice rattled through my mind “a moment on the lips, and eternity on hips.” (My sisters and I have tried correcting her for years; In heaven everything will perfect, the excess weight will be gone.) but it did the trick and the Starbucks run was kicked to the curb.

I have accepted that I’m somewhat stereotypical in that my mood will be completely different tomorrow. I’m reminded of Alexander and the Terrible Horrible No Good Very Bad Day. “I went to sleep with gum in my mouth…”

We all have those days, and as much as we remind ourselves that so-and-so is worse off or “everything will look better in the morning.” It remains one of “those” days nonetheless. So I’m a writer having one. Thankfully it’s almost over, thankfully I have great friends and funny kids who sprinkle in a little nice to “those” days. So maybe it wasn’t so bad after all.

Crap! I’ve burnt my bread….


2 thoughts on “One of “those” days

  1. If you don’t approve of my “moment on the lips” saying how about “fraps are sissy drinks”.
    By the way, nice blog😊


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